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Mastering Your Grant Applications

Haines Consulting Group: Mastering Your Grant Applications

Hosted by: LaunchVic

Date and time:

Thu 7th Dec 2023, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEDT

Event description

At this workshop, AgTech startups will learn the essential tools and tips for how grants can form part of their overarching fundraising strategy. The webinar will emphasise the strength of a persuasive pitch deck—essential for capturing interest and crystallising a startup's mission.

Participants will learn the importance of defining and communicating their funding objectives clearly, detailing the allocation towards innovation, scaling, or market penetration. The workshop will distil insights from grants Stuart has helped work on, offering guidance for startups to follow. By focusing on clarity and detail, the session will prepare founders to convey the significant, positive impact of their ventures in their applications, framing funding as not just an investment but as a partnership in driving agricultural innovation forward.

This session is not designed to coach you on your AgTech Grants application. Instead, it will help you develop a deeper understanding of grants and what granting bodies are looking for, and provide you with tips and tools to develop strong applications that will maximise your chances of success.

About Stuart

Stuart Haines is a Board Director for Rocket Seeder and is the Founder and CEO of Haines Consulting Group and Haines Media, companies specialising in business strategy, growth, government grants and new venture developments. Stuart’s companies were developed from his passion for working with innovative Australian entrepreneurs and helping them to grow their business ventures both Nationally and Internationally.

Holding a Master of Business from RMIT University and having worked overseas in Asia and America and holding multiple board positions. Stuart is a renowned business strategist, a respected keynote speaker, commentator, and has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. With a proven record in global business management and business development at a senior executive level, he has led complex transformation, growth and organisational change.

Stuart demonstrates high-level analytical and problem-solving skills, combined with an innovative and pragmatic mindset, to develop practical solutions for his clients. He partners with business owners and works with them to formulate strategic business strategies with an emphasis on delivering results.

Stuart is actively involved in the continued growth of Haines Consulting Group, its international expansion, and other special projects with clients.


Haines Consulting Group is a management consultancy firm specialising in business strategy, growth, government grants and new venture developments. If you need any assistance with a grant submission please contact us now for a confidential conversation.


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