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Local Melbourne manufacturing company recycling plastic bottles into pipe products

Melbourne-based plastic pipe and fittings manufacturer Pipeconnex will now be recycling 5,246 tonnes of plastic each year into pipe products with the installation of their new Australian-first one-step plastic pipe extruder completing their first facility production line.

Pipeconnex’s Dandenong PVC pipe recycling plant turns locally generated plastic waste into PVC piping solutions in a continuous production line, predominately to be used for irrigation in the agricultural industry, as well as for civil infrastructure applications.

The 13mm-63mm HDPE/LDPE plastic pipe extruder is the result of two year of research and development that enables the processing of large quantities of excess recycled materials that would otherwise go to landfill and is the first of three installations planned in the next 12 months.

Pipeconnex Managing Director, David Freund commented on the new production line, “Pipeconnex is excited to be able to produce recycled products that will help reduce the volume of waste unnecessarily being distributed to landfill.”

This new production line will allow local businesses such as wineries, civil contractors and local government to support locally recycled products and create a more sustainable supply chain, as well as create numerous local jobs for the running and operation of the new machinery.

The project was put into action late last year when Pipeconnex were announced as the recipients of a Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund (RRIF) grant for their exciting plans towards recycling local materials and local job creation.

Carl Muller, Interim CEO of Sustainability Victoria said of the RRIF project, “Recycling infrastructure is vital to allow for increased capacity to recover valuable materials that can be used in other manufacturing sectors.”

“These exciting and innovative projects will divert more than 100,000 tonnes of materials from landfill, drive a strong circular economy that maximises the reuse and recycling of materials and reduce waste.”

With the success of the first extruder production line installation, Pipeconnex are planning to implement two extra production lines within the next year.

The company predicts that the implementation and commissioning of the next two lines will lead to even greater job creation than the first line, while also tripling their capacity to recycle locally generated waste materials into high value commodities all within Victoria.


For more information on the products that Pipeconnex offers and the industries they serve, view their official website:

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