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Jasper Coffee launches 100 per cent recyclable and compostable cup

Melbourne-based specialty coffee roaster Jasper Coffee has launched a new, plastic-free, single use coffee cup and lid, in what it says is a first in Australia.

Jasper Coffee said the cup is 100 per cent recyclable and compostable.

The cup uses cardboard with a water-based dispersion barrier produced by Finland-based Kotkamills.

The barrier creates a water-impervious inner layer of the cup without changing the taste of the coffee according to Jasper Coffee.

To bring these cups to Australia, the company consulted with its manufacturer and Melbourne distributor over the course of 18 months.

Jasper Coffee founder Wells Trenfield said the company has a longstanding partnership with Aberdeen cup suppliers.

“This is a relationship where each party recognises the needs of business through reciprocal trust and honesty and sharing of the costs and rewards over the journey,” Trenfield said.

“This relationship extends further back in the production chain, to Kotkamills, who have provided diligent research into producing a new plastic-free raw material that is from environmentally sustainable forest management and from the integrity of operating a business with respect for people and the planet. We are all aligned”

“Jasper Coffee aligns closely with the need to run a business with social responsibility as a core value and demonstrable in the many projects that have helped raise the standards of living for many coffee producers and their families,” Trenfield said.

The coffee cup is currently available at all Jasper Coffee establishments and eight further locations across Victoria and Queensland.


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