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Haines Consulting Group Founder and Managing Director Stuart Haines Featured On Podcast TSQ

Stuart Haines, founder and Managing Director at Haines Consulting Group, recently spoke with Catherine van der Meulen on episode 25 of the TradeSquare podcast about the growing importance of local advanced manufacturing and Government grant programs for the Australian economy.

"Manufacturing is critical to a modern Australia economy. It's a vital part of the Australian response to the COVID crisis and our economic growth." Stuart explained.

Australian Manufacturing directly employs approximately 860,000 people, and indirectly supports the employment of an additional 1.8 million Australian workers. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Manufacturing generated more than $100 billion in value annually for the economy, with over $50 billion in exports.

Stuart then went on to speak about the work Haines Consulting Group does for companies within the Australian manufacturing sector.

"For us, it's all about helping Australian companies and Australian business owners grow. We love working with them to expand nationally and, more importantly, internationally - exporting is huge for Australia."

With the development of tech, Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, science, R&D, and some amazing Australian business owners, Australia is able to develop some of the best products in the world as well as export into other markets. Industries such as food & beverage, fabricated metal products, medical products, defence, space, primary metals, recycling, and clean energy are just some of the growth sectors that employ hundreds of thousands of Australians.

Stuart also touched on founding Haines Consulting Group and Haines Media.

"It was nearly six years ago now where I finished up in my corporate role and launched Haines Consulting Group and went into specialising in business growth and business planning.

"And then the next step was to to launch Haines Media, which is a full service digital agency that also helps our clients implement their their strategy."

Listen to the full podcast, as well as other episodes of the TradeSquare podcast, click here.


TradeSquare is Australia's first business to business online marketplace, aimed at taking away the pain points of product sourcing that local business owners have become all too familiar with during the past 18 months. View their website here.

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