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Green Atlas - Helping Farmers Manage Their Tree Crops with AI Vision

Green Atlas is an Australian agricultural services company that assists tree-crop growers in managing the life-cycle of every fruit on every tree in their orchard.

This is a particularly challenging problem given the density of commercially grown tree-crops; as that information typically needs to be collected from ground level (not from overhead); and because many fruits are managed ‘to target’, meaning agricultural inputs and operations have to be tailored to the needs of each tree for optimal output.

Scanning apple flower density

To achieve the specificity required for tree-level crop management at the speed and price-point required by growers, Green Atlas took a novel approach to data gathering and processing, which involved using cameras and LiDAR mounted to a ground vehicle to scan crops at high speed with high reliability and repeatability.

A fleet of Cartographers, ready to go!

This patent-pending technology is unique and field proven. Green Atlas is already the most advanced global provider of image and LiDAR based phenological and structural information in fixed crops.

Apple fruitlet map, showing apple count over four orchard blocks

The core technology employed by Green Atlas leverages a decade of world-leading University research in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to tree crops, through close and extensive collaborations with Universities, industry peak bodies, and government departments to test and develop its products for industry benefit.

Cartographer at a research orchard in Victoria

Since inception, Green Atlas has worked commercially in Apples, Almonds, Cherries, Kiwifruit and Wine Grapes across the spectrum of fruit lifecycle, from flowering to mature fruit, and in the case of almonds, post-harvest to map ‘mummified’ nuts left on the trees.

Apple canopy density (proxy for light penetration) map

The company has operated in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, New Zealand and California, with more than 28,000 hectares (~70,000 acres) scanned! Green Atlas has also established partnerships in Chile, USA and France, with Cartographers recently delivered to each of these countries.

Cartographers in an almond orchard (mapping mummified nuts)

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