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Breakthrough Victoria Fund

Victoria is home to some of the best scientific, digital and knowledge institutes and businesses in the world - all sharing a mission to discover the next breakthrough.

Breakthrough Victoria is an independent investment management company established in 2021 to invest and manage the Victorian Government’s landmark $2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund. The fund invests in and works with innovators and researchers to commercialise ideas and make Victoria the destination State for innovation. It invests for impact - producing commercial returns, improving lives, and creating employment opportunities for Victorians.

With a strong focus on impact investment, Breakthrough Victoria strives to generate not only financial returns but also substantial improvements in the lives of Victorians. By fostering innovation, the company aims to create employment opportunities, boost economic growth, and tackle globally significant challenges. Victoria is already a hub for scientific, digital, and knowledge institutions and businesses, and Breakthrough Victoria seeks to leverage this expertise to drive breakthrough discoveries and technologies.

Breakthrough Victoria operates across the entire capital lifecycle, from early-stage innovations to mature companies looking to scale up their products and services. Through strategic investments and partnerships, Breakthrough Victoria connects companies, research institutions, governments, and investors to form a vibrant innovation ecosystem. By injecting capital and providing support throughout the growth process, the company enables promising ideas and businesses to thrive.

In addition to driving innovation, Breakthrough Victoria's investments aim to improve health and wellbeing, boost productivity, and create sustainable jobs in future industries. By supporting the growth of businesses with strong commercial potential, the company ensures that Victoria remains at the forefront of global markets and captures new opportunities.

Whether it’s the next generation of medical tech, designing sustainable food sources, or uncovering new ways to take action on climate change, Victorian innovators are already developing the research, technology and ideas that will transform our lives for the better.

Priority Sectors

Investing in industries of the future the fund focus is in these priority sectors:


Our sustainable manufacturing industry is fuelling enterprise opportunities, creating an environment for new ways of producing at scale.


Our reputation for clean, green and safe produce gives us a platform to develop, scale and source the next generation of agriculture and food products.


Our future depends on investing in the innovations and products needed to keep our planet healthy.


Our emerging digital technologies are setting a new standard for engaging real world experiences.


Our life sciences sector is underpinned by a world-class research ecosystem which uncovers cutting-edge medicines and procedures.

Investing in all stages of growth

Supporting companies to thrive, whether research institutes, start-up founders or established businesses.

Breakthrough Victoria

Source: Breakthrough Victoria 2023

As Breakthrough Victoria continues to invest in breakthrough ideas, technologies, and people, the team remains committed to realising Victoria's potential as an innovation powerhouse. By fostering collaboration, providing patient capital, and nurturing the growth of businesses, the fund is paving the way for a prosperous and sustainable future for the state and its residents. With its strategic investments and focus on impact, Breakthrough Victoria is poised to drive the next wave of groundbreaking discoveries and position Victoria as a global leader in innovation.

Breakthrough Victoria is keen to hear from potential partners about the innovative ways they can work together to deliver transformative projects that will change the way we live, think and grow. Familiarise yourself with Breakthrough Victoria’s investment streams and their eligibility criteria and enquire now.


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