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El Cielo: Refreshing the Brand

El Cielo are one of Haines Consulting Group’s most loyal clients, having been with us for over 2 and a half years. We’ve helped them with a number of projects, from government funded grants to product photoshoots, and in that time we have helped them get through a period of massive growth.

El Cielo’s focus has always been on providng the “true taste of Mexico” to Australian consumers. Their high quality tortillas, tostaditas and sauces are made using traditional techniques. While they were focusing on making the tastiest product possible, Haines was helping them secure a government grant to expand the manufacturing facility.

After expanding into a larger manufacturing facility in Airport West they entered the world of food distribution and began supplying the food service industry across Victoria and NSW.

With their new manufacturing facility, El Cielo began to attract the attention of some of the major supermarket chains and larger distributors. David Jones food hall and Coles were interested but had doubts about the current packaging.

Major retailers thought their packaging was more suited for the independent and boutique supermarkets they were stocked in but not major commercial supermarket chains.

Haines worked with El Cielo to come up with a complete brand re fresh. Our main focus was using the packaging to bring a traditional feel to EL Cielo products whilst also highlighting their Mexican heritage.

The new packaging also needed to be similar enough to the old one that customers would recognize it as an El Cielo product.

This brand repackage has culminated in El Cielo products being a key feature of the new Coles Local supermarket in Surrey Hills, Melbourne. Launched last week, Coles Local is the first of its kind and features a new “Foodie Hub” and more “convenience meals” ready to be sold and eaten straight away.

Haines Consulting group has helped El Cielo with a range of services from business consulting and government grant applications to re-branding and social media advertising management.

We couldn’t be prouder of El Cielo’s growth and look forward to more exciting times in the future.

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