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SUCCESS STORY: Butt Naked Skinfood

The world in which we live in is packed with chemicals, colorants and other nasties, which are hidden by pretty packaging. The team at Butt Naked Skinfood, were sick of picking up products, only to find toxic chemicals in them that were to be used on the largest organ of the body - the skin. This was where Butt Naked Skinfood was born. The founders wanted to create a product that nourishes and feeds the skin rather than irritates and disrupt the natural skin PH levels. Soon enough we learnt the Butt Naked Truth about skincare and who the environmentally friendly skincare warriors really are.

Founded in Melbourne and 100% Australian owned and made, Butt Naked is a vegan, natural and organic body care range that is free from any nasties. Inspired by nature and the environment, the team at Butt Naked don't believe in gimmicks when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, glowing and feeling amazing – they keep it simple and clean, using only the bare essentials.

Nowadays we are bombarded with different skin care products that can be full of nasty chemicals that you do not know you are putting on your body. Our skin is very delicate and reactive, so it’s important to be as natural and careful as possible. This is where Butt Naked skin care products come into play. The team have done extensive research and work to make sure you are only putting the best ingredients on your face and body.

The Butt Naked body scrub range consists of coffee, sugar, salt scrubs and bath salts, each with benefits to help contribute to smooth and hydrated skin. The body scrubs help to exfoliate normal, sensitive and dry skin, as well as post-workout recovery using magnesium and epsom salts, which help to relieve sore muscles and inflammation in the joints. The coffee helps treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. The coffee scrubs are also loaded with antioxidants and great for fighting premature aging, cellulite and stretch marks.

Not only do Butt Naked have body scrubs, they also have a 100% natural and cruelty free clay face mask range using organic and plant based ingredients to help prevent aging like age spots, wrinkles and sun damage. The face masks also help in reducing redness, scarring and bacteria. The vegan range of face skincare is made to refresh, soothe and hydrate with help from the ingredients Hemp, Pink clay and Nopal powder. These ingredients are packed with antioxidants, helping to gently exfoliate and soften leaving your skin healthy and rejuvenated. Unlike a lot of face masks you see on the shelves Butt Nakeds face masks are preservative free and contain no chemicals or foreign ingredients, they are made to nourish and moisturise leaving a youthful and radiant glow.

Everytime we purchase a Butt Naked skinfood product, not only are you giving your skin the care it needs, you are helping to make a difference. Butt Naked Skinfood supports a cruelty free world with 5% of all profits donated to Melbourne Animal Shelter Save A Dog Scheme. Butt naked despise animal testing in any form and their products are 100% vegan. Save A Dog Scheme is a community based not for profit animal welfare organisation that saves hundreds of dogs and cats every year. When buying Butt Naked you can rest assured you are helping our furry friends.

You can find Butt Naked products in organic and homeware boutiques across Australia.

Check them out today!

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