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Business Technology in 2018

Modern technology evolves and changes much faster than most people can keep up with, but business owners should be keeping an eye out for technology that can make their business more productive. Cloud technology Most businesses have incorporated some sort of cloud-based technology into their day-to-day operations, but expect to see more jump on board in 2018. Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the most common cloud based file hosting services that businesses use, and their ease of use and convenience cannot be underestimated. Real Time Payment One of the more exciting developments in banking is the prospect of payments being instant. No more waiting one or two working days for a payment to go through, which will in turn led to an increase in clients paying invoices on time. Increased collaboration through technology The availability of video conferencing and the ease with which most people can use it will lead to more employees and contractors working from home, and also lead to more businesses hiring overseas contractors to do work for them. Whereas once it was risky hiring someone who lives on another continent, these days globalization has made the world a lot smaller and opened the door for international contractors. AI and Robotics Artificial Intelligence and the advancement of robotics can help small businesses automate a lot more of their work, and in turn lead to owners having more time to spend on growing their business.

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