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Y.V.Fresh: Passion and Dedication

Y.V.Fresh is one of Australia’s premium fresh produce brands. Years of hard work and dedication have seen them grow their brand and reputation into one of the most trusted national produce brands in the country.

A co-operative made up of farmers from around Australia, Y.V.Fresh have seen their business grow because of the quality of their produce and the successful implementation of a marketing strategy. The farmers that make up the Y.V.Fresh are all independent and dedicated to providing the highest quality produce available and with years of experience running family owned farms and the ability to share information and resources with farmers in the co-op, they ensure that only the highest quality fruits make it into supermarkets.

As well as growing berries, Y.V. Fresh have diversified their crops, growing everything from blackberries and blueberries to chestnuts, lemons and persimmons. This has allowed them to sell their produce all year round and not be limited by the seasonal nature of their produce.

Y.V.Fresh have also focused on expanding their online presence, by updating their website and putting out regular social media posts through Instagram and Facebook. This has enabled them to highlight the quality of their fruit and let their customers know a little more about their products and possible recipes they can be used in.

One of the benefits of increasing their online presence is that it let them show their customers who they really are and what they’re company is all about. Through their website and social media they have highlighted the independent nature of their farms, putting names and faces to the farmers who grow their delicious produce. Blueberry Hill is one such farm, and through the Y.V.Fresh website the owners, Nina Marie Lunde and Rowan Francis, have shared their history of farming in the region and their passion for their produce.

In conjunction with their new website and social media presence, they have also re-designed their packaging to better reflect their brand. This re-design is expected to be launched this upcoming season and highlights the fact that all their fruits and berries are grown in Australia and also fits with the re-branding of their new website.

At Haines we are proud to be working with a company that is not only dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible produce, but also dedicated to helping their local community. It’s this passion that has seen them grow into one of Australia’s most well respected brands.

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