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Hunter Belle Dairy Co: Family Success

Establishing a sustainable and successful family business requires a unique set of personality traits. Passion, a commitment to quality and excellence, great resolve and dedication are all key to creating business success. The Chesworth Family, and their business the Hunter Belle Dairy Co, are a prime example of how true commitment can grow little things into big things – whilst still retaining their founding values.

Along the banks of the Hunter River, the Chesworth family’s business the Hunter Belle Dairy Co is based. Cheesemakers by craft, the family has also established the Hunter Belle Cheese Café, which sees locals and tourists alike flocking to the region in their droves to sample the award winning artesian cheeses the family business has built a reputation on. Nestled deep in the Hunter Valley provides a unique set of challenges for businesses operating in rural conditions. However, the Chesworth family utilises the benefits of such a region, notably the community-driven mindset, to their advantage and work with many local operators in order to grow their business and the region as a whole.

The Chesworth family have been milking Swiss Brown Cow’s for six generations, utilising traditional cheesemaking techniques in order to produce their famous award winning cheeses. The artesian, hand making techniques have been passed down generations with the family never straying from the style of cheesemaking their reputation has been built upon. It is this fundamental consistency, passion for excellence and commitment that ultimately brings success in any business.

The success of the Hunter Belle Dairy Co is a true testament to the generations of Chesworth’s who have tirelessly persisted in their quest for the highest quality cheese. Despite shifts in modern business and modern production, their unwavering loyalty to the mother culture of hand-made artesian cheese, coupled with their passion and commitment to their art has led them to where they are today – award winning, premium cheesemakers. It has been a joy watching this family tale unfold, and we look forward to hearing the exciting next chapters on the road ahead.

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