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The Benefits Of Maintaining Your Website

Updating and re-launching your company’s website can be a very time consuming and difficult process, but it’s something every business needs to do in order to maintain consumer confidence in their brand and to keep driving traffic to their website. Having an old outdated website can be a major turnoff to potential customers for a number of reasons, and can lead to a lot of negative perceptions about your company. The biggest problem with outdated websites is it can cause customers to think you’re no longer in business, and push them into searching for competitors. As well as that, customers might assume you have poor customer service, can’t securely handle personal information or you’re not cutting edge and technologically proficient. If your website is up to date with a modern look it can help customers allay those fears, as well as providing a lot of practical features that will help grow your business. Features that allow people to share your website's content easily through social media can be a great way to get your content going viral, and features like video players and customer profiles and history are just a few of the features that modern consumers expect. Perhaps the most important reason for keeping your website up to date is the ever evolving and changing algorithms used by search engines like Google. Newer web pages are given higher ranking than older ones, so regularly updating your website means its more likely these pages will be higher on search results. Regularly creating new content for your website and using the right keywords are other important ways to keep your websites rankings high. If you’re looking to grow your business, having a modern updated website is a must. At Haines we are experienced in helping to launch and maintain websites, get in contact with us today if your website is in need of updating.

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