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Case Study: Influencer Marketing - Butt Naked Skin Foods

At Haines Consulting Group, we offer a variety of services over a range of areas. In recent times, we have delved into the world of influencer marketing and PR solutions for businesses.

Influencer Marketing is now considering the fastest - growing online customer acquisition method. Why?

Well, people trust people, especially someone who they have followed on their own merit. We have grown up in a world saturated in advertising and in return, we've become hypersensitive to when something is being sold to us. It goes without saying that traditional methods of advertising still work, however there has been a move to the world of ‘native content’: navigating your brand to natively pop in your desired target markets feed - rather than it being attached to a major ‘Sponsored’ sign above.

We recently worked with Butt Naked Skin Foods; a 100% Australian owned and made, vegan, organic and cruelty free body scrub. Haines Consulting Group undertook a detailed target and market category analysis into potential target markets for Butt Naked, within the skincare industry. From there, we formulated an overview of the Butt Naked Skin Food products along with content personalised for each segmented target market, before engaging with key figures within the industry in order to promote Butt Naked Skin Food to the wider public. The campaign was designed to increase brand awareness and lead to Butt Naked consolidating their position within the industry. So if you are thinking of engaging a public relations campaign for your brand, these handy hints, findings and successes may be of use.

Why PR with influencers?

  • 84% of this demographic trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

  • 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement, traditional celebrity endorsement or even their grandmother

  • The most popular social media network used by this demographic is Facebook (94%) followed closely by Instagram (81%)

  • 47% of online consumers use ad blockers.

Measurable results?

  • Featured on media outlets (mainstream and digital)

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Increased brand performance

Haines Consulting Group PR helped position Butt Naked within the skincare industry through:

  • Liaison with influencers/media/representatives for long-term brand campaigns and ongoing projects

  • Backend work and heavy databasing/curating

As a result of our campaign, Butt Naked Skin Foods was featured on a range of social channels including:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Online Blogs

  • Youtube Channels

  • Online Magazines

  • The result of the online influencers meant that the Butt Naked Skin Food had the measurable reach of over 80,000 consumers.

  • The photos posted by these influencers featuring the Butt Naked branding generated direct engagement, through likes and comments, from over 4,000 consumers.

  • The result of the publications meant that the Butt Naked Skin Food had a potential reach of over 2 million potential consumers.

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