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Tips on Growing Your Customer Base

When starting or growing a business, a critically important element is creating a loyal customer base. Without customers, your business is obsolete. If you can gain the trust and confidence of your customers, you are on the path to success. Here are our tips for growing your customer base.

Get to know your clients

Communication between clients and business is vital. In the foremost, it is important to speak to future clients and establish a their needs and wants. It is important that you speak directly to clients about what you offer.

Customer service is key

Good customer service is the key to gaining and keeping clients. Leaving customers with a happy mindset leads to client retention and loyalty. Happy customers encourage word of mouth.


Networking is important to spread the name of your business. Engage with partners who can grow with your business, and identify new ways to gain customers through various networks.

Leverage of business partners

If you are in business with partners, the power of weak ties opens many opportunities for the business as a whole. Tap into each others networks, identify areas for growth and expansion and create a strategy the maximises the efficiency of your business.


Find an organisation or event that is aligned with your business, and develop a strategic sponsorship strategy that will attract new customers. Consider the participants or spectators at the event, and ensure your brand shares values with these people. Sponsorship can be extremely effective when targeted.

Marketing channels need to be consistent

Branding is critical to marketing success, and building the reputation of your brand. In the past, we have discussed the power of marketing consistency. Unless your business is large, international and somewhat fragmented (take McDonald’s as an example), multiple brand personalities will not be congruent with growing your customer base.

Business Plans

This is fundamental. Without a solid business plan in place, that has analytically assessed your market, your business will fail to attract the customers needed to be successful. Consider your niche in your business plan and actively develop strategies that will appeal to it.

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