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Success Story: El Cielo

Business strategy can incorporate a range of structural decisions in order to best position a company for above-average returns. On some occasions, strategy can draw on resources and capabilities in order to innovative a new solution to unmet market needs.

Business growth is a dynamic notion that challenges the scope of a company’s capabilities.

Our partners at El Cielo are testament to the passion, vision and innovation required to succeed in today’s food manufacturing/service industry. As humble Mexicans who love nothing more than sharing the authentic, traditional flavours of Mexican cuisine, El Cielo has ventured into new territory within the industry - growing their own produce here in Australia and opening their own Mexican eatery in North Melbourne.

In recent times, the three amigos at El Cielo have grown rapidly to achieve the farm to plate goal of bringing “the true taste of Mexico” to our shores. El Cielo is the only company in Australia now growing its own corn - 100% Australian white corn from northern New South Wales. Fresh, trusted produce was a cornerstone of the El Cielo vision where no compromise on quality was to be made. Understandably, successful conceptualisation of such a unique vision has resulted in high demand for their quality products and continual growth.

El Cielo has now opened a flagship restaurant - El Sabor, delighting foodies from all over Melbourne with the authentic taste of Mexican food. Furthermore, the development of a new manufacturing facility has ensured El Cielo has the resources to sustain growth into the future. We look forward to the next exciting chapter with the three amigos from El Cielo.


You can find El Cielo Products at: or local independent supermarkets across VIC and NSW.

El Sabor Restaurant: 500 Victoria Street, North Melbourne VIC

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