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Success Story: Y.V. Fresh

At Haines Consulting Group, we enjoy seeing our partners make a difference in the community. Our partners at Y.V. Fresh have provided a support system benefitting hard-working farmers with exceptional results.

Y.V. Fresh are a co-op farming community of berry farmers, situated in the Yarra Valley region in Victoria. Since day one of working with Y.V. Fresh, we have admired their dedication to their trade, and the support systems they have designed to benefit the local farming community. They have established a strong culture of interdependence, trust and reliability, which embodies the hard working nature of the berry farming industry.

The results have been impressive, with Y.V. Fresh producing, in our opinion, the best fresh berry produce in the country. Their desire for product quality has led their business to grow substantially, with major supermarkets stocking their product range. We have no doubts that their business success has been developed through their culture. As the industry can provide unique challenges, such as short harvest periods requiring dynamic management critical to crop success, Y.V. Fresh can be applauded on their community-orientated spirit. They are a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to seeing continued growth in the future.

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