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Victorian Small-Scale and Craft Program – Open for Applications

The Victorian Government is supporting small-scale and craft businesses across the state, helping producers work together to put their high-quality produce on the tourism map.

Now open for applications, Stream Three of the Small-Scale and Craft Program offers grants of between $25,000 and $100,000 for eligible small-scale and craft agribusinesses.

The Small-Scale and Craft Program supports the vision for an agriculture sector that is strong, innovative, and sustainable. It is a $10.2 million program over four years that delivers on the Government’s election commitment.

These grants will support projects that showcase multiple producers and support the creation of distinct visitor experiences, creating tourist attractions that put their region on the map.

Minister for Agriculture Mary-Anne Thomas today visited Fleurs de Lyonville – a chemical-free micro flower farm in the Central Highlands, to officially open stream three of the Small-Scale and Craft Program.

“Victoria’s small-scale and craft sector is central to our agri-tourism appeal and reputation as a producer of high-quality, niche agricultural offerings. From truffles to craft beer, Victoria’s small-scale producers create food and beverage offerings worth discovering” Minister Thomas said.

The Government is helping small agribusinesses grow as a key pillar of its Agriculture Strategy, which will in turn boost visitation to regional towns and create jobs.

Eligibility and Funding

Grants of $25,000 to $100,000 are available to eligible small-scale and craft agribusinesses for projects that:

  • create cohesive visitor experiences that showcase Victoria’s premium small-scale and craft products and have the potential to become an ongoing tourist attraction

  • develop new agri-visitor experiences across Victoria

  • ensure Victoria continues to be a leader in artisanal produce, showcasing the sector's excellence, resilience, sustainability and local job creation

  • create opportunities for communities and visitors to engage with the unique small-scale and craft sector

  • increase understanding of and customer connection with Victoria’s small-scale agribusinesses.

The grant can be used for:

  • Visitor experience project planning and/or delivery, for example, development and delivery of food trails

  • Diversification of local agri-tourism offering

  • Project management costs (capped at 10 per cent of total project costs)

  • Marketing costs – initial establishment costs for digital marketing, advertising, promotional collateral

Other eligible expenditure will be accepted on a per case basis. Projects must be completed within six months of the executed Grant Agreement. Longer project times can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Key Dates

Applications for Stream Three under the Small-Scale and Craft Program are now open.

  • Opening date – 23 September 2021

  • Closing date – 19 November 2021 at 11.59pm


To find out more about the Small-Scale and Craft Program visit Agriculture Victoria.

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