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Ultimate Soccer - Purpose-Built Small-side Football Facility

In 2015 Ultimate Soccer launched its first multimillion purpose-built small-side football facility in Western Sydney with the intention of supporting the community and focusing on health, fitness, wellbeing and social football.

The facility has six 5 a-side and one 7 a-side all weather pitches each with FIFA grade synthetic turf, shock padding, an effective stormwater drainage system, rebound board fencing and side/rood netting plus a modern clubhouse, changing facilities and car park.

Ultimate Soccer was successful in 2021 with a grant to build a new all-weather state-of-the-art 7 a-side pitch in Fairfield NSW that is being completed in early 2022.

Over the last 5 years Ultimate Soccer has developed into a successful business as demand for pitches continues to go from strength to strength and customer reviews excellent. The atmosphere is electric, fuelled by the excitement of bright lights, goals, loud music and passionate footballers playing, all of which embodies Ultimate Soccer’s value proposition, which is to deliver the ultimate soccer experience.

“Ultimate Soccer has continued to grow because of the environment that we have that appeals to everyone that comes down”

Ultimate Soccer embraces the local multicultural community from day one reaped the benefits with customers returning and positive word of mouth spreading. A notion of community commitment and development is furthered through offering selected charities such as Creating Chances free access facilities to support disadvantaged youths and refugees.

Through social connectivity ultimate soccer’s scope has exceeded expectations where friends can come together of all ages and genders to socialise while exercising. Moreover, lowering barriers-of-entry for kids and adults is key to encourage participation, increasing retention and maintain interest.

With spontaneous lockdowns and social commitment ever changing, mental health of the community has been limbo Ultimate Soccer has the capacity to reinvigorate friendships.

Ultimate Soccer come-and-try days connect the community together.

“Our aim is to break the barriers of playing sport with friends and provide a service that is affordable to all members of the community”

Ultimate Soccer offers ‘open-to-all’ football programs that encourage kids to be active learning, build confidence, while having fun and making new friends. Operating in conjunction with the Office of Sport Active Kids voucher scheme.

“everyone is welcome to come and join the ultimate soccer community”

Ultimate soccer doesn’t just offer 5 a-side league and special one-off tournaments. There is a range of activities and specialised packages for kids and adults.

Each game that is played, the Ultimate Soccer highly qualified referees ensure games are play smoothly and fairly.

“Having specialised referees and the cage with rebound boards keeps the games fluid”

Looking for a way to get the kids out of the house in school holidays? Ultimate Soccer offers a range of kid holiday coaching camps that are the perfect way to nurture and develop passion and talent in a safe environment.

Ultimate Soccer is the up and coming way to spend afternoons. It’s the best way to get outdoors and exercising with friends in an environment that encourages all to get involved and push themselves in competitive sport.


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