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Updated: May 5

Update: The Entrepreneurs Program and the Accelerating Commercialisation grant was cancelled in May 2023 and has been replaced by the Industry Growth Program.

To learn more, please click on the below:

The Australian Government provide grants, funding and support programs to help people grow and succeed their business by meeting certain eligibility criteria, and that aside from funding assistance, many programs can help their business by building skills and knowledge.

Accelerating Commercialisation is a grant which provides small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers with access to funding to help get a unique product, process or service to market. It provides them expert guidance to help find a commercialisation solution that is right for them. Matched funding is available to support their commercialisation activities.

The Accelerating Commercialisation Portfolio is made up of high-performance companies that have received a grant over the years. It offers high performance companies with commercialisation and partnering opportunities.

Haines Consulting group has been working with Australian Tech companies with their applications for the A/C grant which helped them commercialise their products. The grant helped in the business growth and taking it to the next level.

The Eligibility for the A/C Grant, you must meet the following:

  • Have a novel product, process or service you want to commercialise

  • Seek opportunities to trade in different states or territories to your place of business

  • Not appear on the Workplace Gender Equality Agency list of non-complying organisations

To apply for an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, you must be one of the following:

  • A for-profit company registered and operating in Australia

  • A Commercialisation Office or Eligible Partner Entity

You must also be undertaking an eligible project

  • Own or have access or beneficial use of any intellectual property required for the project

  • Meet the need for funding criteria

  • Evidence that you can fund at least 50% of the project costs, plus business as usual cost

  • Provide enough information to undertake a merit assessment


Haines Consulting Group is a management consultancy firm specialising in business strategy, growth, government grants and new venture developments. If you need any assistance with a Grant submission please contact us now for a confidential conversation.

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