Cash Flow Tips

Cash is the lifeblood of every small business. Without it you can’t pay suppliers, employees and taxes so making sure that you have enough money in the bank is vital to your businesses success. If you are struggling to maintain a steady cash flow, these tips could help. - Track Invoices Sometimes small businesses can put too much focus on making a sale, rather than getting paid. It is vital that small businesses follow up on their invoices and put pressure on people to pay for the goods and services that have been provided. Make it easy to pay Whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers it is vital that you make it as easy to pay for your good and services as possible. This means offer

Influencer Marketing

In recent years influencer marketing has become all the rage. The rise of social media, especially Instagram, has given businesses a cheaper alternative to traditional marketing platforms and some have had huge success utilising it. But not every business that has made a foray into influencer marketing has been successful. Whether it’s choosing the wrong influencer or using the wrong platform, running a successful campaign is not as easy as it appears to be. At Haines we are experienced in running influencer marketing campaigns that get results, so we’ve written up a few tips that can help businesses get a return on their influencer investment. Assess Your Brand It sounds obvious but arguabl


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