July 4, 2019

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November 19, 2019

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Success Story: BEN’S Supernatural

April 19, 2018

The idea for BEN’S (Balance, Energy, Nutrition and Sustenance) Supernatural first came about several years ago when co-owner Casey George-Jolson was struggling to find healthy fast food that her kids would actually eat. After agonizing over their menu and methods of cooking for years BEN’S Supernatural can now offer exactly that, delicious fast food that’s healthy and nutritious. It’s all part of their plan to revolutionize fast food!


One of the best things about BEN’S is you don’t have to worry about what you’re eating when you go there. All there food is free of hormones, trans fats, preservatives and refined sugars so you don’t need to choose a salad when what you really want is a burger.


This is due to the extensive research and work undertaken by Casey and her team, made up of professional chefs and qualified nutritionists.For years they researched how to make fast food both healthy and delicious, and the result is the BEN’s menu. Their menu is completely transparent because they have nothing to hide and is fully backed up by macro-nutritional data so they can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.




Everything they serve is cooked on site with a lot of effort being put into researching cooking methods so they can make their food tasty while also being healthy. A great example of this is how they cook their beef patties; they are sous-vide before being put on the grill so that the flavor and fat are sealed into the patty meaning they don’t have to be cooked with any oil. Their menu has also been designed to cater for all types of diets, whether it be vegan, vegetarian, coeliac, paleo, keto or FODMAP. They have something on the menu that will please everyone!


As well as being innovative with their menu, BEN’S have also designed a one of a kind nutritional calculator for their website. This gives their customers the opportunity to look at the nutritional content of every item on their menu, as well as any variations on an item a customer might make. A lot of restaurants and brands claim to be healthy but few can back it up the way BEN’S can, which is what sets them apart.


You can find BEN’S at 670 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.

They can also be found on Deliveroo, Foodora and Ubereats.




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