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Haines Consulting Group and Barrett Consulting Announce Strategic Partnership

Haines Consulting Group and Barrett Consulting Announce Strategic Partnership Optimising CRM, Customer Acquisition and Sales Strategies

Haines Consulting Group, a leading management and business strategy consultancy firm based in Melbourne, and Barrett Consulting, Australian sales and business training experts, today announced their strategic partnership that will provide clients with access to the services of both companies.

The partnership will deliver holistic business consulting solutions for growing businesses, with Haines Consulting Group’s specialisation in business growth and strategy formulation and Barret Consulting’s expertise in sales, education, and training giving clients integrated strategies and business advice tailored for rapid growth.

Haines Consulting Group clients will now have access to expert CRM, customer acquisition, and sales strategy advice, as well as business education, training, and assessment services. Barrett Consulting clients, on the other hand, will now have access to business planning and strategy services, as well as a range of marketing and PR services through Haines Consulting Group’s sister company, Haines Media.

In conjunction with the announcement of this new partnership, Barrett Consulting have provided the following key sales tips for companies looking to expand their business sustainably.

1. It all starts with OPPORTUNITY.

Opportunity can only be realised when you have a robust sales system in place this not personality driven, but rather engineered for sustainable growth and operated by committed CEOs and competent leaders.

2. Selling more is not a long-term strategy to business growth.

Selling more isn’t a long-term strategy to success but knowing how to deliver and execute business growth strategies and continue to sell and service better, no matter what clients you want to engage and what market conditions and competitors you face, is key to the ongoing, long term success and viability of your organisation.

3. Marketing talks to groups. Sales talks to individuals.

Marketing promotes the promise, sales delivers the results. When humans are involved we need competent, confident people to proactively engage and work well with clients. Whether you’re a multi-national, a N4P new to ethical, human centred sales and service practices, or any organisation with something to sell, the universal truth is selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something. Selling is the vehicle that allows opportunity to flourish and people to prosper.

4. Lead, sell and communicate by design with purpose.

To sell better and faster, your business requires purposeful business growth strategies in the right markets with the right offers supported by defined processes, leading confident, capable sales and service teams committed to client centric, team-based cultures.


Barrett Consulting

Established in 1995, Barrett Consulting’s services are listed below. Click here to view their website.


  • Audit & benchmark your business & sales system

  • Audit, develop & implement viable sales strategies

  • Analyse & define viable sales market segments

  • Define & deliver competitive value propositions making it easier to demonstrate ‘ Why Us’

  • Make selling buying easier using Product Wardrobes


  • Develop & map codified sales processes & tools to drive consistent, sustainable behaviours & KPIs

  • Design & embed leadership & coaching frameworks

  • Integrate CRM touchpoints into your sales process

  • Show teams ‘How we sell & service around here’


  • Assess & select the right people for your business

  • Help everybody overcome any sales call reluctance

  • Induct, train, coach & lead teams to sell better faster

  • Access 60+ topics in contemporary sales, service & leadership practices customised to your business

  • Combine classroom, remote, in field & online learning to help teams achieve true sales mastery

  • Embed 70:20:10 perpetual learning environment to help people consistently sell & lead better faster


  • Enhance & protect your hard earned reputation by building & leading sales & service teams, & human centred business cultures that skilfully attract & retain more of the clients & employees you want

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