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Pipeconnex Receives Funding

The Victorian Government has just announced the recipients of grants under the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund (RRIF) and we are pleased to announce that our client PipeConnex has been awarded funding for their PVC Pipe recycling plant.

Haines has been working with Pipeconnex to help get the plans and funding ready for their new technology development and the planning and development of their new facility.

This funding will be used for a new facility production line that will recycle up to 5246 tonnes of plastic each year. This will allow Pipeconnex to recycle locally generated waste materials into high value commodities right here in Victoria.

Carl Muller, Interim CEO of Sustainability Victoria said, “Recycling infrastructure is vital to allow for increased capacity to recover valuable materials that can be used in other manufacturing sectors.”

“These exciting and innovative projects will divert more than 100,000 tonnes of materials from landfill, drive a strong circular economy that maximises the reuse and recycling of materials and reduce waste.”

Pipeconnex’s facility will turn plastic waste into PVC piping to be used for irrigation in the agriculture industry.

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