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Success Story: Crazy Dragon

After doubling the size of his business in just a three-year period, Juy Hepner from Crazy Dragon dumplings had to decide what the next step was for his company. He had managed to get his frozen product stocked in the two major Australian supermarkets plus independent supermarkets, totaling 8 different product lines in 2,500 supermarkets nationally, but he was concerned about the competitive nature of the supermarket sector. Juy began to diversify his product range, developing products suitable for the dry goods shelf and chiller section of the supermarket, but he also knew that if he wanted to keep growing he needed to look internationally.

With little experience exporting, Juy knew that he had to learn more about what, where and how to export. Working with Haines Consulting Group, Juy began to research where and who he wanted to export to. Seminars and networking events hosted by Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) helped him gather contacts and helped him secure a place at Hong Kong’s HOFEX, Asia’s leading food and hospitality trade show. Juy also began working with the MLA and the MLA Donor Company (MDC) to explore high value red meat growth opportunities in China.

Research undertaken by the MLA was vital in helping Crazy Dragon develop their export strategy, with the frozen food sector (especially the snacking category) growing in China. MLA research also showed that food safety and quality were big concerns for Chinese consumers, giving Crazy Dragon the opportunity to use Australian red meat’s reputation for being clean, green and safe as a marketing tool.

Utilising this, Crazy Dragon came up with several special products for the Chinese market featuring Australian beef and lamb but using traditional Chinese dumpling recipes and techniques. Their marketing strategy highlighted the provenance of the red meat, and with help from their beef supplier Mackas Meats they incorporated a QR code into their packaging. That QR code linked to a custom made video from Mackas Meats that showcases the farm and its produce.

Crazy Dragon have also partnered with AGLive, a new Australian company that has developed exciting new technology. AGLive has developed a world first technology that is unique method for digital supply chain traceability, tracking produce to achieve end-to-end supply chain traceability and transparency. The platform technology is a tool to market and develop consumer trust. AGLive’s Ultimate system characteristics provide traceability, biosecurity, food safety and livestock management through evidence-based, data in real-time and on-demand.

AGLive’s revolutionary technology, will allow Crazy Dragon to validate with certainty where each food item was grown, handled, processed, stored and inspected. They can track every stage of its journey to their store. Crazy Dragon has now been exporting and selling it’s red meat dumpling in China for X months and has been forecast to double its revenue in the 2018/19 financial year.



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