New Report On Australian Food Industry

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission has just released a new report into Australia's Food Industry. "There are few countries better placed than Australia to meet the growing global demand for foods that enhance health and wellness. Austrade’s new report – Australian Capability in Better-for-you Foods – details why Australia is a world leader in growing, researching, developing and manufacturing foods that promote good health. Australia’s capabilities in better-for-you foods is rooted in the country’s clean, green produce, which provide the raw ingredients for a diverse range of healthy processed food and beverages. Robust food safety and quality control systems also preserve Austra

Five steps to marketing strategy success

1. Understand where you are at and where you can go: set goals, dreams and ways to achieve them. Picture this. You’re thrown into a place that you’re unfamiliar with. How will you survive? How do you get to where you need to go? Unfortunately, with business there is no Google Maps. Things are constantly changing and to survive in the wild, you need a plan to thrive! A marketing strategy can help you analyse where you currently are and help you build a roadmap of where you want to go. The first step is to find your feet. Mark your starting point, it is here where you translate your big dreams into goals and objectives. Your marketing strategy will also help you understand what your strengths,

Lucidity Launches Permit To Work Module

Lucidity Software have just launched a new module in their suite of business software. The "Permit To Work" module allows businesses to manage the full permit to work lifecycle of employees and contractors. Follow the link to find out more. "Manage the full Permit to Work life cycle including a simple approval process, identification of required isolations, sign off and closure. The Permit to Work module allows existing checklists to be used by attaching the completed checklist to the appropriate permit, to which the system then adds an approval & management workflow for full control. The Permit Register allows the status of all permits to be


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