Success Story: Crazy Dragon

After doubling the size of his business in just a three-year period, Juy Hepner from Crazy Dragon dumplings had to decide what the next step was for his company. He had managed to get his frozen product stocked in the two major Australian supermarkets plus independent supermarkets, totaling 8 different product lines in 2,500 supermarkets nationally, but he was concerned about the competitive nature of the supermarket sector. Juy began to diversify his product range, developing products suitable for the dry goods shelf and chiller section of the supermarket, but he also knew that if he wanted to keep growing he needed to look internationally. With little experience exporting, Juy knew that he

Dexterous: Simplifying Business

Haines has recently started working with Dexterous, a local tech start-up that is making waves with their advanced business software. The Bank of Melbourne recently wrote about them in their quarterly business magazine Business State, you can find the full article here. "Dexterous is a little different to the typical tech start-up. One founder is an ex-banker, the other a chartered accountant. Describing what the company does in a nutshell is difficult: it’s a moveable feast, a completely customisable suite of modules that changes with the needs of each client. At its core, Dexterous facilitates the flow of data between the multitude of different pieces of software used in an organisation. I


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