Fm+1 Photography Exhibit

Fm+1 have recently signed on to Haines Media. Fm+1 is an image capture agency creating visual content and storylines that document real stories and real places. By creating high end and highly detailed imagery via photography, Fm+1 ensures classic and timeless realisations. Haines Media have taken upon their PR services for their upcoming exhibition Light.Ash.White. A photographic series by Evan Hancock. The series showcases the rebirth of Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. To mark the tenth-year anniversary, Fm+1 and Evan Hancock have created beautiful black and white photographs to narrate the regeneration of the landscape of the affected regions such as Marysville, Kinglake and

Social Media Trends 2019

Social Media is constantly evolving. People are using it in different ways to the way they were in 2008, and we can expect trends to shape how we use it in 2019. After having a look at how social media was used in 2018 we have come up with a little list of trends you can expect to see in 2019. 1. Stories & Live As Facebook and Instagram continue to prioritize friends and family over businesses and news, providing engaging live content as well as engaging stories will be the best way to get your followers attention. Not only do followers get a notification when you go live, there is a greater sense of authenticity to the content when the viewer knows that what they are seeing is happening liv

Y.V. Fresh Influencer Shoot

One of the things that sets Y.V. Fresh apart from it's competitors is their passion and love for farming and berries. That's why it it's always a special treat for the Haines team when we get to head out to one of their berry farms in Silvan and give there berries a taste for ourselves. This time we were joined by some of our favorite influencers, who got to pick and taste Y.V Fresh's wide variety of berries straight from the source. Give @y.v.fresh a follow to see some of the great recipes and dishes that can be made using Y.V.Fresh's berries.


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