Will Amazon’s Dominance Be Repeated In Australia?

The latest comScore report on American online buying habits reveals some interesting statistics about Amazon’s dominance in the American online marketplace. According to the report Amazon had almost 200 million unique visitors to their site in December alone, beating out Walmart (127 million unique visitors) and eBay (113 million unique visitors). Although Amazon dominates the competition when it comes to unique visitors, it’s another metric that really shows how dominant they are. Americans spent 22.6 billion minutes on Amazon in December, while second place eBay registered a comparatively low 6.2 billion minutes. Given Amazon’s size and dominance in the market these statistics would hardly

Why You Should Consider Blogging

If you’ve just recently started a new company you may be weighing up whether or not to have a blog on your business’ website. Depending on what your business does, you may not initially see the benefit in regularly posting but it does have its advantages. The biggest advantage a blog can give your business is the boost it gives your SEO. New content and pages on your website increase your visibility on search engine results, and its gives you more opportunities to put keywords into web pages that will help your business appear higher up the list on searches. Another positive aspect of having a blog on your website is the connectivity it can give you to your websites visitors. Allowing pe


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