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Video is one of the most effective ways to spread your message on social media, it has a high rate of share-ability and research shows that four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it. At Haines we provide high quality video production services, which can help encourage shares on your social media profiles and also build trust with potential customers. We put together this video for El Cielo as part of their "Taco 'Bout Mexican" series If you think video production could help your business, get in touch with us today!

The Artificial Intelligence Race

We are on the edge of a revolution, one that we can’t predict the outcome of. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the future of customer experience and marketing. All the big players - Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple - are investing in it and competing in the AI race, to what end we don’t know. AI is something every business should be paying attention to, regardless of industry, product or business size. It’s a case of assimilate and transition or risk getting left behind. So instead of making it your enemy, think of it as an ally in the consumer behaviour war. Whether you realise it or not, low-level artificial intelligence has already slipped seamlessly into our day-to-day lives,

Changes to Facebook and Instagram algorithms

Dear Facebook, You’ve changed. The first shock to the system was the 2016 algorithm change when chronological order was thrown out the window. We were happily scrolling through our beautifully ordered content streams and then we wake up one morning and boom, the first post we are looking at is post from 5 days ago! Cue chaos. Our average reach dropped to 30% of your total follower count on average. But we built a bridge and moved on from that. And now it's like deja vu. Here we go again, only this time it’s even less organic media content, more paid ads and less organic posts from brands we manage. Although influencers get a booster chair, once again you’ve thrown them under the bus. You kee

How To Get Through The Growing Pains

It all starts with a big idea. The Cinderella of business fairytales. The happy ending is the goal, but the series of unfortunate events and problem solving in the middle of the narrative is often forgotten. With any small business, just like with a child, growing pains can be the result of rapid growth spurts, but they can also simply be aches due to intense activities that can wear your “child’s" muscles out. Growing pains are the symptoms that your small business needs to make a transition. Whether its employees, software, management or organisational structure, these pains are a sign that something needs to shift. The three most critical resources to grow your business are time, money an


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