Why It Pays To Be Australian Made

Whilst the business world, particularly that of food manufacturing, is constantly advancing and evolving, many businesses are failing to effectively address their fundamental strategy and manufacturing processes in order to gain competitive advantages. With the Australian government in the process of introducing new country of origin labelling requirements, what will this mean for your food manufacturing business? The Australian government is making the country of origin labelling changes largely due to market and consumer demands for clearer, more meaningful and accurate origin claims on food labels. Immediately, this should trigger strategic thoughts for all food manufacturing companies -

Three Critical Elements of a Marketing Plan

Planning is a powerful tool. And when utilised effectively, a marketing plan can unlock a brand’s true capabilities. Despite this, no two marketing plans are the same, nor are the objectives of any two brand’s the same. Therefore, every marketing plan will be unique in its structure, its objectives and its key details. However, there are three key, critical elements which should be developed in your marketing plan. Within each of the three critical elements, three thought-provoking questions have been provided to help guide your strategic efforts in the right direction. Situation Analysis It is impossible to begin planning if you are not aware of the current situation, both internally and ex


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