Business Abroad

How to develop your business in new, international markets. Selling your products – or services – internationally is not just for big businesses. With the modern world being more connected across borders than ever before, through technology and ease of communications, your business can have appeal to consumers in foreign markets. Expanding globally can be a positive step for many small and medium sized businesses. It allows for your business to grow successfully by multiplying the number of markets you participate in, without having to sacrifice your founding values or niche market appeal that business development through product extensions or diversification may bring. So how can a small to

Debunking the Social Media Marketing Myths

In the modern business world, businesses endure reality - not myths. And as business, technology and communication constantly evolves, it becomes harder to keep up to date with the reality of social media and its usefulness in strategic marketing. Social media is a powerful tool for any brand - but only when it is utilised correctly. With global connectivity, direct communication with customers and a greater sense of community, social media has fundamental points of difference that greatly exceeds the potential of other marketing channels. Yet with every great beast comes tales as old as time, and these tales - or myths - can lead people to avoid the beast rather than conquer it. So here we

Tips on Growing Your Customer Base

When starting or growing a business, a critically important element is creating a loyal customer base. Without customers, your business is obsolete. If you can gain the trust and confidence of your customers, you are on the path to success. Here are our tips for growing your customer base. Get to know your clients Communication between clients and business is vital. In the foremost, it is important to speak to future clients and establish a their needs and wants. It is important that you speak directly to clients about what you offer. Customer service is key Good customer service is the key to gaining and keeping clients. Leaving customers with a happy mindset leads to client retention and l

Own It: Make the Market Yours

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford, founder, Ford Motor Company. When participating in the frantic world of business, there are generally considered two broad-based and opposing market strategies. They are blue oceans, and red oceans. Red oceans are characterised by blood, vengeance and a constant need for survival, overcrowded and highly competitive industries and markets with a broad range of market participants. As such, it can be hard to survive in a red ocean as everyone is on the hunt for their dinner to stay alive. Conversely, a blue ocean strategy refers to creating a new market where you have the ocean to yourself, and can sail

Top 10 Tips for Business Success

In a world where there is a competitive market for almost everything, you need to stand out in the crowd. Here are our top tips for owning and running a successful business. 1. Be passionate about what you are selling When starting a business there must be a passion and excitement for what you are selling. Pride and belief in your creation will result in a better quality of product because you will put your all into making it. Enthusiasm starts from the top and will trickle down through to your staff and customers. 2. Discover your Niche Develop your niche and put it in writing. In doing this, it will allow you to build on your ethics and establish a target market. It is from here where your


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