What it Really Means to be Dynamic

We always hear it. In the competitive, fast-paced and global business marketplace, we are often told that we must be more ‘dynamic’ in order to survive. But exactly what do people mean by that and how do we be more dynamic? Referring to the Oxford Dictionary, we can see that the word dynamic refers to a “process or system characterised by constant change, activity or progress”. With reference to a person, it denotes someone “positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas”. If we take keywords from both definitions, we can create a consequentialist statement. The modern business environment is characterised by constant change and business strategies require new ideas in order to be suc

Success Story: El Cielo

Business strategy can incorporate a range of structural decisions in order to best position a company for above-average returns. On some occasions, strategy can draw on resources and capabilities in order to innovative a new solution to unmet market needs. Business growth is a dynamic notion that challenges the scope of a company’s capabilities. Our partners at El Cielo are testament to the passion, vision and innovation required to succeed in today’s food manufacturing/service industry. As humble Mexicans who love nothing more than sharing the authentic, traditional flavours of Mexican cuisine, El Cielo has ventured into new territory within the industry - growing their own produce here in


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